Announcing Teco-Edg Edge Restraints for BodPave85

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Announcing Teco-Edg Edge Restraints for BodPave85. This line of versatile edging accessories is the ideal edging solution for use with BodPave85 porous pavers for grass or gravel applications.

 Teco-Edg restraints are available in flexible and rigid 10 foot lengths to accomodate varied landscape, garden and surface designs. The 4x4" L shaped edging can be molded through careful application of heat and secured with H-clips, corner pieces and caps. Teco-Edg restraints are specially-engineered with drainage slots for a truly “green” alternative. Constructed of heavy-duty 100% recycled PVC material, Teco-Edg™ is durable and easy-to-install, ideal product for sustainable “green” landscaping applications.

Use with BodPave85 for a durable, safe and eco-friendly surface for trafficked areas. 



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