BodPave®85 installed at the 'Sea Ranch' sustainable Eco-home development

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Boddingtons Inc. have been supplied the permeable pavements at the "Sea Ranch" Eco-House development in California, USA. The Sea Ranch eco-house development has been prominent in the press and on TV and Boddingtons Incorporated are delighted that BodPave™85 has been chosen as the most feature rich and sustainable permeable ground reinforcement paving solution for the external works element of the development.

Boddingtons' BodPave™85 plastic porous paving grids will be utilized as a 'green' ground reinforcement for the external paths, walkways, parking lots and driveways at America's first fully environmentally sustainable project house.

BodPave™85 is a plastic grid porous pavement solution that allows its open cell structure to be filled with either a retained gravel fill or a grass surface. The plastic paving grid will hold gravel in situ and will protect the grass from rutting, wear and damage to the roots depending which fill material is required, whilst providing a stable reinforced surface capable of withstanding vehicles and allowing full rainwater infiltration into the ground below.

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