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Teco-Edg is the first of its kind and unlike any other edging available; a true "green" alternative. It is made of 100% recycled PVC strengthened by impact modifier and UV inhibitor, and is engineered to last the lifetime of any project it is utilized in. Its sturdy and proven L-Shaped design allows for multiple installation options. Use with BodPave85 to define edges and make for an easy install. Made in the USA.

Part No.
Price ex. Tax Qty Buy Online
Teco-Edg 4x4" Flexible Edge Restraint - (5 units/10' each)
4x4" (10 ft)
$275.63 Not Currently Available Not Currently Available
 Teco-Edg 4x4" Rigid Edge Restraint - (5 units/ 10' each)  151790  Black  4x4" (10 ft) $275.63  Not Currently Available  Not Currently Available 
 9.25" Bend Resistant Stake (125/box)  153800  Silver  9.25"  $105.00  
 Teco-Edg H Clip  153787  Black  - $0.63   Not Currently Available  Not Currently Available
 Teco-Edg Corner Piece  153770  Black  - $1.84  Not Currently Available   Not Currently Available
Teco-Edg Cap 153794 Black - $0.63 Not Currently Available Not Currently Available