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Typar GeoCell GS a cellular confinement system for ground stabilization. The geocell has permeable PP geotextile fabric walls that allow water through, while retaining the fill material (gravel, crushed aggregate or soil). Typar GeoCell GS stabilizes the ground and protects the roots beneath by spreading the downward forces from vehicles laterally reducing loads on the underlying soils. Without the geocell cellular system the surface would become compacted and rutted with the forces pushing downwards damaging the tree roots and resulting in the possible death of the tree. Typar is supplied flat packed and is easily opened to form the cell structure required and fixed in situ using metal L-Pins.

Part No.
Panel Size
Cell Size
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Typar Geocell 250/150
16.4' x 23'
10" dia. x 6" deep.
$893.51 Not Currently Available Not Currently Available
Typar Geocell 220/200
20' x 10'
8.6" dia x 8" deep.

Geocell fixing pins

Part No.
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Typar Geocell Pin
22" x 0.32" dia.