Buy Landscape Geotextile / Weed Control Fabric Online

Landscape fabric is a spunbonded polypropylene geotextile for landscape projects where weed control, soil separation and ground reinforcement is required. Weed control fabrics are porous and their permeability allows good drainage for water infiltration. Our weed control landscape fabrics are supplied in two grades Standard 1.9oz/yd² and Professional 3.0oz/yd/². Applications include:

  • Weed control for landscaped beds
  • Permeable liners for planters
  • Weed blocker under wooden decks
  • Separator geotextile under walkway blocks or bricks
  • Helps prevent paving from settling unevenly
  • Landscape fabric prevents soil erosion

Our Standard fabric (1.9oz/yd²) is suitable for most applications at home. Our Professional geootextile fabric (3.0oz/yd²) has been created for landscape professionals in mind - it offers a thicker fabric, preventing more weeds from growing, will last longer whilst allowing water and air to permeate through..

Weed control landscape fabric is an extremely durable porous plastic fabric that is resistant to rot, mold, chemicals and microoragnisms and allows the free flow of water, air, fertilizers and nutrients. Our landscape fabics are supplied in many roll widths and lengths.

Part No.
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Landscape Weed Fabric 3' x 50' 1.9oz/sq.yd Black
3' x 50' (1.9oz/yd²)
Landscape Weed Fabric 3' x 100' 1.9oz/sq.yd Black 120390 Black 3'x100' (1.9oz/yd²) PP $28.98
Landscape Weed Fabric 3' x 300' 1.9oz/sq.yd Black 120253 Black 3'x300' (1.9oz/yd²) PP $78.23 Not Currently Available Not Currently Available
Landscape Weed Fabric 6.25' x 300' 1.9oz/sq.yd Black 120161 Black 6.25'x300' (1.9oz/yd²) PP $162.75
Geotextile / Landscape Fabric 3' x 300' 3.0oz/sq.yd Black 121571 Black 3'x300' (3oz/yd²) PP $103.22 Not Currently Available Not Currently Available
Geotextile / Landscape Fabric 6.25' x 300' 3.0oz/sq.yd Black 121557 Black 6.25'x300' (3oz/yd²) PP $214.94 Not Currently Available Not Currently Available


Plastic Fixing Pegs / Anchoring Pegs Online

Plastic fixing pegs / anchoring pegs for fixing grass reinforcement mesh, ground stabilization mesh, weed control fabric, geotextiles to the ground. Plastic pegs are manufactured from HDPE and are supplied in bags of 100 pegs. 

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Quantity 5 bags(500 pins) 10 bags(1000 pins) 25 bags(2500 pins)
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Part No.
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Plastic achoring pegs
Anchoring Pegs - Black (100/Bag)
5.5" long