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Boddingtons online is your trusted source for landscaping, grass and ground reinforcement, geocells and geotextiles

Leading manufacturers of landscaping solutions

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Weed-control fabric proven for suppressing weeds in landscaping and garden applications without the need for chemicals

Landscape Fabrics

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BiobarrierĀ® root barrier is an innovative, effective root barrier that is suitable for nearly every situation

Tree Root Protection

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Ground reinforcement for grass car parking lots, access routes, fire truck lanes and access routes

Grass & Ground Reinforcement

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Honeycomb-like structure which can be filled a suitable permeable infill material for multiple applications


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Over 40 years of proven performance in separation, stabilization, and filtration applications


Welcome to Boddingtons Online

We are a leading online shop for supplies of plastic mesh, netting and geotextile fabrics in the USA and globally. Products on this website are primarily geared for the needs of the geosynthetics, building, landscaping and gardening markets including plastic porous grass pavers, permeable paving grids, grass reinforcement mesh, plastic garden meshes, fencing mesh, weed control landscape fabric and geotextiles.

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