Typar Tubex Biobarrier

Typar® Geosynthetics are proven solutions for ground engineering and civils applications including geotextiles, geocomposites and geocells.

» Typar® Geocell Tree Root protection / Slope Stabilization

» Typar® Geotextile Fabric / Ground Stabilization Fabric


Tubex® tree shelters protect young trees and saplings from browsing animal damage.

» Tubex Tree Shelter / Tree Protection Kits

Biobarrier® is an innovative, effective root barrier geotextile which incorporates trifluralin herbicide nodules that easily fits into nearly any situation to inhibit tree and shrub root growth into irrigation systems.

» Biobarrier® Root Barrier


Defencell® is a range of geocells for flood walls/protection and military force protection applications.

» Defencell™ Force Protection Systems