BioBarrier now available on Boddingtons Online

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BioBarrier now available on Boddingtons Online for quick, convenient ordering.

BioBarrier root control system offers guaranteed protection against root damage to landscapes and hardscapes. Architects, contractors, urban foresters, building managers and city public works departments benefit from the prevention of root damage through reduced maintenance costs and the elimination of liability issues.

BioBarrier root barrier system is an innovative, effective root barrier suitable for nearly every situation/application as it inhibits tree root growth and shrub and weed growth into irrigation systems, parking lots, sidewalks, green roof applications, building foundations, levees, tennis courts, golf courses and landscaped areas. Typar BioBarrier works invisibly to deflect roots by slowly releasing trifluralin from the geotextiles nodules to prevent root tip cell division (the mehod by which roots grow.) The roots do not penetrate any further towards the geotextile barrier and will grow in another direction away from the area protected by BioBarrier.

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