Tubex Treeshelter now available online

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Tubex Treeshelter kits are now offered through Boddingtons Online, offering customers quick, convenient ordering with fast shipping times.
Tubex treeshelter kits are now available to order online. Each kit contains: five treeshelters, five oak stakes to secure treeshelters, five Vispore mulch mats and five sod staples to secure the mulch mat as well as five bird nets to keep birds away from young trees.
Tubex treeshelters are translucent tubes specially designed to create an  ideal microclimate for young trees while protecting new plantings from animals, mechanical damage from mowing and weed whipping, as well as herbicide drift.  Vispore mulch mats are specially formulated to prevent weed growth while allowing water to reach the root zone. 
Boddingtons online is the commercial arm of Fiberweb, Inc. and the premier online source for Fiberweb’s high performance, specialty materials for industry including nonwoven fabrics, product reinforcements, thermoplastic films, meshes and netting solutions. Boddingtons online commands an enviable reputations for offering quality and affordable products with quick shipping times to the United States and Canada.
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