Superstrong™ Barrier Tape


Superstrong™ barricade tape is a high strength non-adhesive plastic barricade tape, five times tougher than standard barricade tape. The extra strength ensures that that the hazard tape has a longer life and does not stretch due to wind conditions.

Superstrong™ barricade tape is available in red and white and black and yellow diagonal stripes (chevrons).

  • Five times tougher than standard barricade tapes
  • Supplied on 3" wide x 1640 ft rolls
  • Individually boxed in cardboard dispenser cartons

Superstrong™ hazard barrier tapes are stretched during their extrusion process which gives the tape a very high tensile strength, superior to most barricade tapes on the market.

Boddingtons hazard barricade tapes are ideal for hazard marking / delimiting on construction and civil engineering projects and sporting events.