Civil & Construction

Boddingtons offer a large range of extruded plastic mesh and netting solutions for the civil engineering and construction industries. Plastic mesh is manufactured for protecting, identifying, warning and detecting buried underground utility services (cables, power lines and pipes), protect pipelines from damage from rocky backfill, assist in erosion control and ground stabilization. Our products include detectable underground marker tapes, cable & pipeline protection mesh, grass and ground reinforcement solutions and Rockshield pipeline protection meshes.

Boddingtons also offer a range of geotextile fabrics and geocells for erosion control and soil reinforcement. Also in the range are barricade tapes for construction sites and sporting events. These barrier tapes can be printed with warning messages or warning stripes to clearly communicate the message. Orange safety fence is manufactured for construction projects where a clear barrier is required.

Many of the above mentioned plastic meshes and tapes can be manufactured to order for a variety of applications.

Cable & Pipeline Products