Indicator Mesh Netting


Boddingtons Indicator Mesh is a highly visible red colored plastic mesh designed to act as an indicator layer above the waterproof membrane in the construction of bridge decks. The plastic indicator netting is laid over a layer of sand asphalt or a fine binder layer course above the waterproof membrane on the bridge surface.  A binder course is laid above the indicator mesh, before the bridge surface layers are constructed.

The purpose of the indicator mesh is to ensure that future bridge road surface excavations, road repairs, road planing or resurfacing contractors hit the indicator mesh before piercing and damaging the waterproof membrane.

Indicator mesh is a great alternative to other depth indicator techniques such as red sand asphalt.

Indicator mesh is manufactured on 4.92ft wide rolls in red as standard. The netting can be manufactured in yellow or orange if required.

  • Indicator Mesh offers a highly visible indication layer for bridge deck construction
  • Manufactured from rot-resistant high density polyethylene
  • Chemically inert material
Indicator mesh plastic mesh roll
Indicator mesh being installed onto a sand binder surface
Indicator netting being tied using cable ties
Installation of Indicator mesh netting for a bridge deck construction to protect the waterproof membrane

Product Details

Roll Size Number
Mesh Thickness
Part Number
4.92ft x 164ft