TurfProtecta® Turf Reinforcement Mesh / Grass Protection Mesh


Turfprotecta™ turf reinforcement mesh is an extruded plastic mesh for the protection, stabilization and reinforcement of grass and turf for pedestrian, light vehicle and occasionally trafficked applications. Turf reinforcement mesh stabilizes the grass by allowing the grass to interlock with the plastic mesh structure creating a strong reinforced grassed surface. TurfProtecta™ grass protection mesh is ideal for pedestrian and light vehicle use, overflow car parking lots and airport taxi-ways.

Applications for Turfprotecta™ turf reinforcement mesh include: 

  • Overflow parking lots
  • Grass residential access and parking space
  • Grass Paths
  • Wheelchair / Handicap access paths
  • Golf Cart Paths

After installing turf reinforcement mesh, it is essential that the plastic stabilization mesh area be left unused to enable the grass roots to intertwine with the plastic mesh filaments.

This may take up to one growing season where grass growth is slow or where the product is installed out of the growing season. The reinforced surface will soon resume its natural appearance with the turf reinforcement mesh disappearing below the surface of the grass providing a reinforced surface that will withstand the weight of cars and heavy pedestrian use. TurfProtecta™ grass reinforcement mesh is available in black & green in a heavy grade and is manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE plastic.

TurfProtecta turf reinforcemesnt mesh installation TurfProtecta allows grass to grow through reinforced grass parking lot with turf reinforcement mesh

Turfprotecta™ is an ideal ground reinforcement mesh for grassed areas prone to mud and rutted ground particularly in wet conditions for light vehicle or pedestrian applications.

During the growing season TurfProtecta™ can be laid and ready for use within just a few weeks as the grass grows quickly through the mesh apertures. Out of season it is advisable to ensure a longer period before use. If installed in the winter months, we advise not to use the area until early to mid spring or when the mesh has been fully covered by the grass growth.

Plastic meshes can become slippery in wet conditions when the grass has not been given time to grow through the mesh apertures.

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Please note we recommend the 3 packs of U-Pins per roll.


Part No.
Mesh Aperture
Price ex. Tax Qty Buy Online
TurfProtecta™ Black
6.56 ft x 98.42 ft
0.86" x 1.06"
$502.58 Not Currently Available Not Currently Available
TurfProtecta™ Green 049967 Green 6.56 ft x 98.42 ft 0.86" x 1.06" $502.58
TurfProtecta™ Green 059461 Green 6.56 ft x 32.8 ft 0.86" x 1.06" $262.60 Not Currently Available Not Currently Available

Metal Fixing U-Pins Online

Steel U-Pins to secure the grass and ground reinforcement meshes (TurfProtecta™, GrassProtecta™ and BodMat™), geotextiles and weed control fabric / ground cover to the ground . Steel U-Pins are supplied in packs of 50 pins. Metal fixing pins are easily banged into the ground using a club hammer.


Part No.
Price ex. Tax Qty Buy Online
U-Pins 50 Pack - Steel 
6.7" x 2.75" x 0.23" dia.