A full installation procedure is shown below for Turf reinforcement netting

Boddingtons Incorporated's turf reinforcement mesh is a strong HDPE plastic mesh that can provide excellent grass stabilization if installed as directed on well drained level ground.

Once fixed in place grass will grow through the turf netting. The grass can be cut, rolled and fertilized as required with mower blades set high for the first few cuts. When fully established (normally a full growing season will be required) the plastic mesh will be invisible and the grass will have a normal appearance.

Existing Grassed areas

1. Fill any depressions with a 70:30 mixture of sharp sand and topsoil, level and firm. Cut grass short.

2. Unroll the plastic mesh and fix one end using metal U-Pins. Pull tight, and pin every 3ft on either side of the mesh ensuring mesh lies flat to surface. (Fix at lesser intervals if required by using more pins)

3. Overlap adjacent mesh rolls by 4 inches and repeat the process.

4. Secure overlaps and all external edges every 3ft (less if required).

5. When laid flat and securely, a dressing of good quality sandy topsoil may be applied over the mesh (not essential). Ensure that the mesh filaments are covered and the apertures are filled. This will help promote root growth around the mesh.

6. Any areas that have been levelled with sandy topsoil should be seeded.

7. The installed area should be left unused until the grass has become fully established over the mesh.

8. Initial mowing / cutting can be done, but set mowers to cut fairly high so that contact with the plastic is not made. When the grass is established and the roots are entwined with the mesh, cut the grass normally.

Newly Sown Areas

1. Ensure that the surface is level, filling any uneven areas with a mixture of sharp sand and topsoil. Remove any debris, stones or rocks.

2. Thoroughly prepare the surface until firm.

3. Continue with steps 2-8 from above


Please note that the information above is given as a guide only. Boddingtons Incorporated cannot be liable for damage caused by incorrect installation of this product. Final determination of the suitability of any information or material for the use contemplated and the manner of its use is the sole responsibility of the user and the user must assume all risk and responsibility in connection therewith.