Buy BodPave® 85 Porous Pavers (Grass or Gravel) Online

BodPave® 85 is a permeable paving system that allows a grass or gravel surface. BodPave® 85 porous pavers are designed to stabilize grass or gravel surfaces where traffic is required and where rainwater is required to permeate directly into the ground. BodPave® 85 porous paving grids easily click together creating a very strong stable surface and are available in a choice of colors. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, BodPave® 85 grass pavers should be constructed onto a stable flat prepared open-graded stone sub-base that has been covered with a sand/soil layer with the relevant geogrid and geotextile fabric layers (depending on whether a grass or gravel filling is used). Grids can then be filled with soil/seed for grass finishes or gravel for gravel driveways and pavements. Ideal for grass parking lots, access roads, handicap access paths, golf cart paths, driveways and residential parking.

Grids are 20" x 20" x 2" (approx) when interconnected
Supplied 1 SQ Meter packs / 10.75 sq ft packs (4 grids)

How many packs do I need to order to cover my area?

Each quantity you order will be 1 SQ meter (4 grids) and cover an area 10.75sq ft. To calculate the quantity to order divide your sq ft area by 10.75. 


Part No.
Price ex. Tax Qty Buy Online
BodPave 85 Porous Paver Black
1SQM (10.75 sq ft)
100% Recycled PE
BodPave 85 Porous Paver Green 059447 Green 1SQM (10.75 sq ft) 100% Recycled PE $47.80 Not Currently Available Not Currently Available

Parking Bay Markers

Boddingtons parking lot bay marker has been manufactured to snap-fit into the BodPave®85 porous plastic grass pavers. Capable of producing many lines, shapes, letters and words (inc. bay lines, L-shapes, T-Shapes, squares, T Junctions and access road center lines. The marker can be easily cut to produce a smaller square markers as required. Manufactured from HDPE.

Part No.
Price ex. Tax Qty Buy Online
BodPave 85 parking lot markers
8.5" x 2.75"