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Reemay lawn and garden blankets are non-woven polyester fabrics for protecting lawns, gardens, plants and crops from frost as well as promoting germination and growth. Reemay crop covers protect plants and lawns when the weather in unpredicatable due to cold and frost, by raising the temperature under the geotextile fabric blanket / frost fleece. In early spring, Typar / Reemay fabric is ideal for frost protection and allows early planting without fear of frost damage thus ensuring plants sprout earlier and grow faster.

Reemay lawn and garden blankets aid early germination, acts as a frost protection, is porous so allows sunlight, moisture, air and nutrients through, protects the plants from pests, is strong and durable and is rot resistant ensuring the blankets can be used for more than one season. An added benefit of Reemay lawn and garden blankets is that they provide a physical barrier to protect vegetables, flowers and grass from insects looking for something to eat! The geotextile spun bonded non-woven fabric also deters small mammals such as rabbits and birds eating seedlings.

Reemay lawn and garden blankets are available in 12' x 15' fabric sheets, supplied in folded packs. Plastic fixing pegs are included in the pack.

Weight .6oz per sq. yard.

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Reemay Lawn and Garden Blanket 12' x 15' pack
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