Typar® GeoCell GS Ground Stabilization


Typar® GeoCell GS is a permeable cellular confinement solution for ground stabilization. The use of Typar® GeoCell GS allows the construction of a road, access route or driveway as the system not only stabilizes the ground, but ensures that the roots beneath are protected from heavy vehicle forces on the surface.

Typar® GeoCell GS is manufactured from a strong permeable geotextile fabric and is supplied flat packed in panels. It is easily opened to form the required cell structure and is pinned using our metal fixing pins

Typar® GeoCell GS provides ground reinforcement as it confines fill material within its strong flexible permeable cell wall structure providing a stable base for traffic by evenly distributing downward loads. The benefit of Typar® GeoCell GS is that the permeable geotextile material allows lateral movement of air and water, thus allowing vegetative growth at the surface as well as allowing surface water to reach the tree roots.

Typar® GeoCell GS can be used where trees need protecting on paths, driveways, roads, access routes and parking lots.

Tree Root Protection Geocell Tree Root Protection Geocell Tree Root Protection Geocell
Typar® GeoCell GS panels are easily installed Cells can be filled with a free draining crushed angular
aggregate before a finish layer is installed


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Cell Size
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Typar Geocell 250/150
16.4' x 23'
10" dia. x 6" deep.
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Typar Geocell 220/200
20' x 10'
8.6" dia x 8" deep.

Geocell fixing pins

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Typar Geocell Pin
22" x 0.32" dia.