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Typar® Geocell Slope Stabilization

Typar Geocell 250/150

Size : 16.4' x 23' (panel) 8.6" dia. x 6" deep. (cells)


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Typar™ geocell slope stabilization is a cellular confinement system for stabilizing soil on slopes by confining the soil particles within the permeable cells. Typar™ geocell is the perfect solution where slope erosion is a major issue.

Manufactured from a strong geotextile fabric from polyethylene and polypropylene fibers, the cell walls are permeable by allowing water transit between cells encouraging drainage and vegetation growth, while retaining even the finest of soil particles.

By confining the fill material (soil or free draining aggregate), Typar™ geocell greatly improves slope stabilization and the increases resistance to erosive forces such as storm water run-off on steep and unstable slopes.

Typar™ geocell slope reinforcement cells can be filled with soil for grassed or vegetative slopes. Seeded topsoil provides protection for less exposed areas, whilst small shrubs / plants offer improved protection in exposed locations. The geocell cells can be filled with a granular free draining aggregate to offer the highest level of slope stabilization.Typar™ geocell cellular soil confinement cells are suitable for slopes up to 45 degrees (1:1 Slope)

Supplied flat in panel form, Typar™ geocell can be expanded on site to the desired dimensions and shape required. The geocell is flexible enough to go round trees, other obstacles, can where required and will contour to undulating ground geography. The geotextile cell walls are fixed to the ground before the fill material is added by metal fixing pins on every single cell on the perimeter and at 3′ centres throughout the rest of the installation.

Typar™ geocells are also suitable for ground stabilization applications where roads or access routes are required, particularly where surfaces can be built above existing surfaces. The system is also used for tree root protection where traffic must not damage existing tree roots. The table below gives details of the various structures and their relevant slope or ground reinforcement applications.

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