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Typar® Geotextile Fabric / Ground Stabilization Fabric

Landscape / Paving Fabric – Black, 6.25’x300′ (3oz/yd²)

Size : 6.25'x300' (3oz/yd²)


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Non-woven spun-bonded polypropylene geotextile fabric is suitable multiple applications from road paving stabilization, landfills, sub-surface drains, soil separation, sediment control, erosion control and weed control.

Typar® geotextiles are non woven thermally spun-bonded porous fabrics suitable for many construction, civil engineering and landscaping applications. Geotextiles deliver high performance solutions for separation, filtration, drainage, erosion control and ground stabilization. Typar® geotextile can be used in conjunction with our BodPave® 85 porous paving grids, for ground stabilization under pavements, brick walkways, gravel drives, wooden decks, slopes and many other applications including weed control. We offer Typar® geotextile fabric rolls in various widths and lengths in various grades from 3.0oz/yd² upwards.

Our geotextile should be used in paving construction particularly for installations involving BodPave® 85 porous ground reinforcement paving grids. For both grass surfaces or gravel retention surfaces including parking lots, driveways and paths, the permeable plastic fabric allows full water penetration whilst separating fine material (soil / sand) from larger material for vital ground stabilization and soil separation.

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